mercredi, juin 01, 2005

Don Miguel Ruiz teaches us the four agreements? They are innately known, but we need to be reminded of them.

1) to have integrity with my words... saying only what I mean and not gossiping about others or myself. Using words to build and create with love and truth.

2) not to take anything personally. no one does anything because of me. their actions are a projection of their reality and their internal issues. Being immune to others' opinions and actions releases me from suffering without cause.

3) not to make any assumptions, but rather to have the courage to ask questions and to express what I really want. Communicating clearly wih others is really important to me. I want to avoid the drama, the sadness, and the confusion and misunderstandings that come from not communicating clearly.

4) to always do my best. While my best changes from moment to moment, I can avoid judging myself, regretting my actions, and any incumbent self-abuse that comes from not holding myself to that level of integrity.

Thoughts on these four points of Ruiz's?

Truly we are all part of a tapestry in life. There is no way to extricate ourselves from the fine web that we are all a part of. If one person bhaves with integrity than slowly others around that person are similarly affected. It is important to be graceful and to show that internal elegance of spirit in one's life at all times.