vendredi, mai 13, 2005

transition states -moving from potential to kinetic in spirit

sefira -a time of mourning for Jews... I actually, probably in some strange way, enjoy sefira because it is such a period of enforced mourning.. a period of enforced and daily reminders of what we are missing and lacking in our lives. I like seeing the guys running around unshaven and scruffy, because seeing them, I recall even more what there is still to do and to be done -working on oneself and working for the nation. That I don't like bearded and scruffy men, is part of that reminder, but more a nudge that this set of fifty days is particularly a time when I look inward to my soul and take an accounting. There is a lot to life that I don't like, but that exists and it is part f my internal self-training to accept and adpat to that which I do not like. Each day of this spiritual "mourning" is counted in the omer count -which is something I love, too, because it is a daily and conscious reminder... each day has an association with a sefira along a kabbalistic tenor- the name of that day's sefira is a reminder of that aspect of self which requires work and is a highlight of who we wish to become and what we wish the world to become. I am always amazed at the general human population and its ability to adapt, think, change and ultimately evolve -fulfilling potential that is there.

I like to look at the world around me and see the chemistry and physics that is evident on a physical, metaphysical, and transcendent level. One of my great favorites was a discussion I had once with a chemical physics theoretician about quantum mechanics and Gd. To me, it seemed that QM is a great model for Gd. You try to pin it down -- and there's the Heisenberg uncertainty principle... but mortal intellectuals believe so much in QM and in relativity... scientists believe what they believe, without being able to pin down a single electron in it's spot, momentum, and spin. Whoever said scientists were a faithless lot? Hah! The faith is just for different aspects of our lives.

Some people believe in their gut feelings. Some people believe in their intuition, Some people believe only in their logic. Some people believe only in their rational faculties. Some people believe only in the tangibles of life. Some people believe only in those things that they have heard for years. When I look at this conglomeration of people, I think that without each other to push and pull against, they would not believe what they believe so strongly and thus would not do what they do to make the world go around. It is when this mixture of people are around to push each other that we find ourselves challenged to be more and to grow to our best. A molecule sitting on the edge of a step fault on some surface, finds itself, struggling with what to do next. A mere vibration -a mere thought perhaps- causes it to move on way or another and influences the rest of its trajectory. Like the molecules, we people need the vastness of the world around us. We need the variety of life to alter us and to keep us moving along our paths, wherever and however we would go. We are so deeply a part of the tapestry of life that we don't even see how each step opens a new potential energy surface around us to be explored and each moment is a step with choices which will alter the landscape for us, sitting in our minds... looking all around.

I hope that everyone finds growth and great depth in this year's sefira and finds time to internally search themselves for what is still to come and what one does to grow and self-strengthen. Ultimately, may our efforts build Am Yisrael and bring us all bimheirah b'yameinu la'aretz vil'geulah.