lundi, mai 30, 2005

another death, to cancer again, Don Albury died May 22, 2005

Don Albury gave me one of my first jobs as an adult. Working for him, I learned about media and became a projectionist of 35mm film. He was really incredibly nice. I had no call to be working a media services job, really. I totally wanted to be working a library shift anyway, where I could study at the same time, but it seemed okay, after all I'd get to watch movies at the same time, right? Oh, I was scared of the horror films and always seemed to get those classes or the art classes(!) as my jobs, and so I barely could watch the films that I was working on. I did finally get the hang of it and became a regular projectionist for the art classes. Don was remarkably forgiving... like the time I was the projectionist for the Hitchcock Film Festival at the Theater/Art building and it was one of my first solo gigs... I made such a mess of things the first night, I think the students were going to rip me up in shreds. Heck, I think Roeg Sutherland was in that class, back when we were still friends. This was back when Vicky would hang out with me in the booth with dinner from Tiger Noodles/YY Doodles. Good memories...

It makes me wonder, so many people at Princeton who touched my life have died of cancer over the past few years
Dave Wilkinson
Carrie Wilson Gordon
Marianne Waterbury (I remember her, too.)
Don Albury

and more people too that I don't recall so strongly... sigh. Cancer. If I seriously thought I could find a cure for it, I'd go into that area and work on it... but I can't think of any advantage we might have over cancer.

I think often that cancer is of such high occurrence in our population... I really wonder if we could say cancer becomes after a point a natural cause of death.

Congratulations, Princeton grads.. tomorrow is your big day. I wish you the best.