vendredi, mai 13, 2005

classic from my friend Joshua

So my friend Joshua noted that for the longest time, I didn't care about getting married - or at least I knew I didn't care about going the standard route. I wanted people to prove themselves to me to show that they were worthy.

a possible ketubah-arranging conversation...
Me: I'm interesting and only somewhat expensive to pay for maintenance and upkeep -kind of like a couple of gerbils, and not nearly as bad as say a horse or an orca.
Joshua: well since I have a pool already...the orca wouldn't be so bad
Me: i mean maintaining an orca is a lot more expensive
Joshua: and w/a horse, I could also do water polo!
me: yeah, but think of the food and the vet bills
Joshua: ah, hm - well, you would cost me more than say, sea monkeys
me: what's a sea monkey?
Joshua: I think we need to look at you economically. the maintainance is high and expensive, but the cost/reward thing works out well too, bec you have so much to offer people.
1. smart 2. happy 3. affectionate and nice 4. cute and pretty 5. absurdly good cook 6. snazzy dresser 7. good hygene 8. toenails 9. usually you're a very bright person (emotion wise)
me: Wait --my selling points include that i have toenails?!?! oy.
Joshua: :-) well if you didn' t that would be bad. I mean can you imagine buying a wife w/no toenails??? I mean that's gotta be a discount right there ---hmm... no toenails - 20% off

heh, so anyway, this was a really funny conversation that I felt like sharing with the world. ;) I mean, who knew that toenails were 20% of one's worth?