mardi, février 19, 2008

so here I am, once again, procrastinating?...

It turns out that my mind goes to pot after about 5 weeks of 13.5 hour work days 5.5 days a week. Yeah, YOU work that one out. Hah. I'm tired and grouchy and ought to be working.. which is why I'm posting online?

A couple of studies talk about how your brain needs help processing stuff. In fact, in one article I particularly like, searchable if you look for "Richard Hamming" Your Research at Bell Labs,-that isn't the real title of the talk, but it's enough keywords you'll find the transcript I'm talking about... discusses how if you sleep enough.. "you get some answers for free".. but only if you've "starved your subconscious." Dick Hamming is a riot -laughter-wise- and a phenomenal scientist and lecturer. His talk is well-worth reading in transcript form.

In other news, I think John Greally is silly for putting up a blog and allowing comments, but not reading the comments... oh, yeah, wait... I do that myself. oops.

In even more unrelated comments... I got a real mussar shakedown from my personal guilt about not learning more or enough. We had a really nice shiur the other day from R'Yitzchak Blau. He gave a lovely shiur about sins, which I really thought was very nice. He also paid me a compliment which made me very happy and inspired the self-inflicted guilt-trip about oh, if I'm a natural, why don't I learn more and apply that talent more. Sigh. I keep promising myself that once this awful work crunch is over I'll go back to my normal learning schedule. It's just that this work-crunch has turned into a crunch-year... v'im lo achshav, eimatai?