dimanche, février 17, 2008

alea iacta est

It turns out that after quite a long time debating what I will do with my life, I'm almost on the verge of announcing that I've chosen to throw my lot in with the research science academics.

I thought about doing non-profit management like at a hillel or something and having done that on a volunteer basis -read procrastinating on PhD work- I've come to the realization that while I'm good at it, and can edfinteily get better at it.. it isn't thrilling, exciting, or challenging enough for me to be happy doing it full time. I might change my mind if I ever marry and have a family, but it just doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would make me deeply fulfilled at this point.

I also thought about consulting and really wish that a company like HerbstLeZarBell would be interested in hiring me, but it seems that this opportunity is not to be, not just yet at least.

On one side, I think I'd like to go back to school and get an MD degree... but a part of me says not just yet. Maybe when I'm 40 or something. ;-) I've a passionate interest in neuroscience and the work of STeven Quartz. It's a fascinating idea to me that potentially we could understand the source of religion in the mind... check out the work in the Jan 3 edition of the NEJM. (Yeah, I read NEJM for fun and to procrastinate working on my own work. Don't say there is no such thing as a geeky cat.) What I really want to be looking at though is how do I apply what I know about design, organization, people, art, beauty, and elegant engineering to chemistry, biology, neuroscience, and medicine?
This is my life's calling.

I'm applying to a job in policy work just in case nothing else pans out, but it's not the first of my choices at this stage of my life. I think it will be when I'm 50-ish for so.

Plans for writing the great story, screenplay, or novel are on hold, though I keep jotting down ideas here and there.