samedi, février 16, 2008

The creativity of the Jewish people. a rant, a worry, and a challenge...

I am worried about the state of Israel. We are losing more and more ground to the Palestinians who have truly mastered manipulating the media. Jews have mastered the law, but they have neglected how important presentation is. They have neglected how to sell how wonderful Israel is to Israelis themselves. What is on Israeli TV? I would like to see a TV sitcom or series where the underlying lesson actually is how to feel good about Israel and being an Israeli. Israelis have forgotten also though, how to laugh at themselves. This is what worries me the most. The pressures of the politics have made them neurotic -even as Elie Wiesel suggested it was a miracle that such a thing had not happened yet. I read about how the Israeli education strike has halted things in the country and I am worried, because Israel's strength and economy require the brains. If Israeli children are ranking lower and lower in math skills, if they are ranking lower and lower in science, history, reading, economics, and finance ... how will we build our precious Eretz HaKodesh? I do not say we need to silence the Leftist voices, who remind us that we have to fix the imbalances and the injuries. They have good things to say. We need to pay attention to these things as well. What worries me though is that it is clearer and clearer to me that the decline in Israeli education spells disaster for Israelis -whether they are Jewish, Arab, Druze, Christian or something else. Education is a Jewish value. Education is a tremendous resource. We need to be creative and search for solutions that matter.

Someone needs to go lobby the countries that pledged -France, England, the US, etc,. that when they give money to the Palestinian Authority, they need to promise that the money be used only for certain things.. like economic development, health care, municipal facilities, feeding people, the kind of infrastructure that matters. They will be forbidden to use it for the further brainwashing of their people to become terrorists. That part is unacceptable, because we will have contributed blood money. If someone in Hollywood would make a move exposing the PA and terrorists... exposing Nasrallah for who he really is... that would be wonderful. If someone would write a best-selling thriller to put out there what is really going on in the world with people like these mastermind terrorists... that would also be good.

Where is the creativity of the Jewish people going?