dimanche, février 17, 2008

winners fo the recent Heroes of the week category...

I do believe very firmly that the skills of ethnography are useful in science and design.. and essential or tremendous innovations.

Heroes of the week: Donald A. Norman at the Segal Design Institute and Walter Herbst, KSM.
You can read more about Don Norman at his website

Hero of last week: Emily A. Carter

Hero of the previous week Gerhard Ertl
see nobel prize site. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2007 for an award in surface science.

Heroes of the week prior: Sam Danishefsky. Daniel Kahne. Suzanne Walker.

for a little bit about Dan Kahne, whom I remember from my days in Tigerland (but who has now moved to Crimsonland) see
There is an interface between design, art, chemistry, and creativity.. and what is vital is to seize this moment for the betterment of society. So... where do we begin?