jeudi, juin 08, 2006

The King's Daughter II by Raysh Weiss

I am so shepping nachas...
Today was the premiere of Rachel's film The King's Daughter and I was really so proud of her accomplishment. Every person has a chance to tell a story and to tell it in different ways, but while the film before hers used a lot of shots.. it wasn't a judicious use of film, just gratuitious filmography.. while Raysh's actually really used the medium and the capabilities of film well...
wow, dude, I have to say.. I am so impressed with Raysh's ability and talent... I know that there are people who take offense at her message and people who might criticize some of the transitions, but really, she did a phenomenal job... really really... I am so impressed.
so very very very impressed.

Watch out world, here comes Raysh Weiss!