jeudi, mai 18, 2006

Barry Sharpless's talk

"The training received in the group is neither predictable nor
quantifiable; likewise, it is not intended to produce a product that, for
example, industry wants. Since nothing original is intentionally
discovered by scientists who cannot tolerate (indeed, they should welcome
it) a high degree of uncertainty, group membership does not guarantee
results. Because of the nature of our research, however, group members
preselect themselves and possess a remarkably high degree of independence
of thought as well as scientific motives tilted toward discovery, not
reward. As a group, they hold superior standards for judging the
significance of research, and I share with all them all of the glory that
is a Nobel Prize."

If there was ever a reason to "sell" or appreciate what a graduate degree
in science is or should be about.. it would be this paragraph.. you see..
he captures something essential to the scientific lover. Someone who
finds a passion in science will chase after this elusive thing --something
significant that we can give to mankind from our minds and really then
from our hearts.