vendredi, mai 05, 2006

Conservation of people

There IS a conservation principle in the world...

Q and R were in love in 1950. Because of various laws, they were unable to be anything more than friends. Sad as it was, they developed a very nice and rewarding friendship and revelled in the knowledge that they were kindred spirits. They agreed to remain in touch and all, but that they needed to move on and date other people.

In 1953, R met W and they were thrillingly happy. Eventually it came up that W was not of the proper legal status to marry R either. So dissolved that relationship.

In 1957, Q met Y. Y was madly in love with Q and convinced Q to get involved in a long 5 year relationship. After a while, they loved each other greatly and thought they would get married. A few incidents happened in those intervening years that caused Q to remember eventually that Y was not the right person to match Q's life. One who is more superstitiously inclined might say that Q's neshama woke Q up. At any rate, whatever the case, Q broke it off.

In 1962, Y met W. They fell fabulously in love. They got engaged and lived happily ever after. (Or so the story goes.)

Q & R found out about Y and W and rejoiced for Y and W, all the while thinking how marvellous Hashem's world is. Mah rabbu ma'asecha...

Y and W had children L, K & M.
Q married D. They had children J and F.
R married Z. They had one child T.

Many years down the road it turned out that K's son S married F's daughter E. S & E had a son B.

B married V. Guess what? V is the great-granddaughter of R and Z, the grand daughter of T.

It is said that in three generations, I shall bring you into my fold. So it is.
I'm ever amazed at the hashgacha that seems to appear in the world. It is a phenomenally intriguing thing to me.