mardi, mai 23, 2006

Lloyd Bentsen dies...

A good man died this morning.

His name was Lloyd Bentsen. He was a senator from Texas. I for one am saddened that the heroes of my younger days are slowly dying one by one. I met Lloyd Bentsen when I was a lot younger than I am now and a very different person than I am now.

Senator Bentsen (as he was when I met him) was an incredibly stately man. I was young at the time, but even at the age I recognized him as a man who carried himself with dignity. The level of respect he accorded himself and those around him made him a pleasure to be around, but mro than that it made him someone I admired and hoped to be myself.

I fall pretty short of that these days. In my younger years I wanted a political career. I worked for the local legislature, was a political civic reporter, aspiring to the governorship of the lovely Commonwealth of Virginia and to the Virginia State Supreme Court. He was convinced that in the future years the United States would need good people who were self-confident and self-assured and as a result met with students sometimes to ncourage them in their interests in politics.

So many things have changed in my life since then that I doubt I could be anymore what I had hoped to be there and then. Still.. being reminded of it, by his death, reminds me of what a great charge we have in life to be bigger and greater because we who have been given much, owe to our fellow man so very very much. It is our responsibility not to just pursue our bliss, but to pursue what the responsibilities we have to the world in which we live.

Every once in a while I'm reminded of the nobility of humankind that I knew when I was a child. I'm hopeful that someday I might fulfill my own hopes for achieving a place that I can do such great good for others with the same level of dignity and gracefulness.

God Bless Texas with equally wonderful people to guide her. God Bless the USA. God Bless the government of the USA. May Lloyd Bentsen's soul rest in peace.