jeudi, janvier 12, 2006

just thinking about carrie

Often, between classes, I would go in help her stuff envelopes with the latest PIA newsletter and chat with her. I heard about when she worked in a refugee camp in Laos and we would talk about the Jewish community at Princeton and the cultural ramifications of different religious rituals. Of the latter, she, not having had any personal experiences with it, was quite curious. When she was in Seattle, WA area with another public interest job, she noticed how poor the living conditions were in the community she was working and decided to convince people to help her help the poor people with whom she was working. She managed to rally together a huge army of people to help fix up homes, feed people, and doctor the sickly. She had this knack that Mike Kelly once told me I had... of rallying people together to do what I wanted ... a knack for convincing people that they were vital to whatever I was doing and that what I was doing was important.