dimanche, novembre 20, 2005

I Decide by Lindsey Lohan

Last night was remarkably interesting. I actually wrote a whole post about this and then my PC froze which meant I lost it. Sad, but not the end of the world. Last night, I made the green mung bean dessert soup for Miriam and her family. Batya kept me company and we watched _Princess Diaries 2_, which I realize will make Shimon groan and roll his eyes, because -yes, it is remarkably predictable, but I was okay with the fluffiness of thhe movie. There are three songs on the soundtrack whose lyrics I like very much. I Decide, This is My Time, and Your Crowning Glory... it was so cute though that Batya held my hand when she got really excited in the movie.. it was so funny and reached one of those deep inner spots of humanity.

I had really interesting discussions with a friend of mine who came in town for job interviews. We haven't had time like that in a really really long time and it was so nice.

There seems to be a general concensus from people that there isn't a one person this bashert who is the only person one will ever match up with ever... which is fascinating to me. I remember having a discussion with Josh about the Talmud's "take" on marriages and how one and another one get together and how it "works." I remember speaking to a number of people about how one "knows" when one has found one's match and it is interesting to me, not the variance and not the similarities in their opinions about how one meets or who one meets that other person, but more the emotional and internal position of the person when he/she discovers the person he/she chooses to marry. It seems more from talking to a lot of people that that mental frame is of great importance for a match to occur. It's like Plonit Aleph says this year she will meet her husband and get married this year and Ploni Bet says that he just decided that he was going to meet a girl, and then he found and decided to marry Plonit Gimel. It is really intriguing to me. Because in a bunch of cases of people that I've spoken to now, both married and non-married people seem to agree that the idea of there being one and only one doesn't seem to work. It's humourous to me, because several people have mentioned this niggling suspicion independently of each other.

Besides that I saw a remarkable case this week of another one of these intentionality/mindfulness, Buddhist training things at work, which makes me marvel and feel awe for the human mind. I agree with those who would postulate that emotions come from that unique set of experiences that an individual goes through.. those experiences add up to create the person, complete with his/her complexity... that complexity that CSLewis wrote about in _A Grief Observed_ and that complexity that makes it so we can't truly ever predict another person's thoughts, beliefs, and actions.