vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

_Saving Face_ by Alice Wu

Wow! There is nothing in the world as rewarding for me as seeing an Asian woman succeed in a non-traditional field. Kudos to Alice Wu!
Director and screenplay writer...

This film was amazing!
Really stunningly amazing... beyond words for how amazing it is. I sooo want to own a copy of the DVD. Wow... All I can say... is WOW!
A phenomenal work.. touching, humorous, so rich, ...

in some ways this movie is my hero... it is like my big fat greek wedding in some ways, and an average joe american movie, and still asain american... and it breaks the barriers that I see so many asian americans struggling with.. I am so phenomenally excited and happy to see a film like this.. I really think that Alice Wu will go down in history as having made a film that broke a barrier never touched before in the film industry. I'm shepping nachas.... oh, baby. oh, yeah.