jeudi, novembre 10, 2005

returning from a seminar on BenS's work on tehillim 24

First, off, I like Ben. I should hardly have anything bad to say about him or his work.
Second off, I am reminded why the sciences called so strongly to me. I hate sitting through mindless conversations with a ton of name dropping and nitpicky little comments which seem to ignore vital and pertinent and logical points. (For example LZ, Ph.D. was mad that Joseph Campbell's work should have any mention, becuase he's a remarkable anti-Semite. I say look in academia, why should the man's biases and political leanings influence whether or not you remark upon his work and use it, especialy since it isn't his comments about Jews we are using. Those notably may have been influenced by his anti-Semitic leanings. I can't find good justification for hating scholar simply because he holds views that are repugnant to me. If that were the case I might have to ignore a great deal of the scholarship in the world... including scholarship that is better than that done by those people whose views may be more in line with my own! Indeed.)

(unable to finsh right now, so i'll post but return to complete the thought...
I find the works that lead people to call G-d impotent and powerless when he give people greater and greater power to be a bit short-sighted because they don't record and acknowledge the IMHO concept that one achieves greater power --in fact, one achieves a "rank" closer to "deification" by leaving an impact greater than the mere circle of acquaintances, friends, and family and greater than becoming "father of a nation" or "father of capitalism" or "mother to the poor" --better than simply having a tremendous impact on other's lives by ideas is the ability to have an impact on their minds, daily habits and practices, and society. This is what the "powerless" G-d does in his role as "creator" -HaBorei.