lundi, septembre 26, 2005

all time worst chemist conversational lines

"talking to a particle is like talking to a 13-year old, but I like talking to you..."

"the key to maxwell's genius was his horse. where's that horse?"

"The oxygens are bouncing around with their coffee saying, 'hey, how ya doing?'"

"He was British, because you know, that happens."

"Say, that reaction was nice. was it good for you too?"

these were contributed by ari and his list of starzakisms

***** oh dear heavens, can you tell I'm up too late?
oh the other hand the upside is that I've now had a crembo from Israel and ooh, they really are as good as people say... and I totally get it now why they are "seasonal food" --heh, heh.

dude, I need sleep, and not to have to go to work tomorrow.