mardi, septembre 13, 2005

a very sweet note

On 2005-09-13, a person I do not know wrote to me:

i just want to say yiu are amazing
you deserve the lottery
kol tov
I'm really touched, but I have no idea what prompted that comment. I'd be grateful to win the lottery actually. It would be really awesome. I think I'd use the money to take a trip to Europe and visit Andorra. Anyway, What I was really coming online to write is that my mother encouraged me to get a book called _common Prayers_ by Harvey cox and I really am liking it quite a bit. I have some things that I'm sure I will write about it later on.. but just a heads up.. it's an interesting book about intermarriage between a Jewish woman and a Christian theologian. Word to those who are in the know... it doesn't end up the way CSLewis and Joy (nee Davidman) Gresham's marriage did on the Christian side of things. Rather, they choose to raise their child Jewish... and it's an interesting affair.

I know, it's a hiatus from finishing other books, but seriously, _The Storyteller_ is just not that fascinating. I really like British, French, and American authors so much more than Spanish authors.

Dinner is going to be brussel sprouts with freshly squeezed lemon juice, served with les crudites, followed by a dessert of a Chinese green mung bean and rice reduced congee.