jeudi, septembre 15, 2005

tears to my eyes twice today

I think it might be the lack of sleep, or maybe it is the fatigue setting in again and holding me up, but I've already cried twice today...

if you're interested in gush katif and ir emunah...
sent in by my old chavruta Gershon. Israel Dec 2006!

I cried over the picture of the imma in the yellow kerchief with her two sons helping them with their homework.

I'm nutty and sentimental that way. *****************************

and then there was this thing with the kids today... even though I'm not a parent myself, I end up in these roles... it spurred me to write the following passage.

Do you know what it is like to have a child you love so dearly and watch the child make mistakes and do things you think are wrong or bad...? Oh, it's painful. Even though I think of myself as growing up or grown up, I'm reminded how having the precious role of mentor, mom, parent, guide, advisor, etc. means that I am growing more. I'm learning to hold my tongue to let the people do what they will and if it turns out to be a mistake letting them live their lives as they want and should. Oh, it is so hard.

Perhaps in a way that is what the mitzvah about p'ru u'rvu is about. Maybe we are commanded thusly, so that we can be in touch with these lessons... of patience, of letting go, of inner peace, ... of real love. Perhaps the whole point of life is learning to love...