mardi, septembre 20, 2005

what does a girl want?

so I asked a friend outright what kind of guys she wants...
at first she said, the usual, what everyone wants, someone smart, someone nice, someone who's going to make a decent living, etc...

then I pushed and asked for more details and it turns out that is is more the picture she wants:
someone who went to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Penn -okay, if not Ivy League educated then really well-educated from a good school- and also did a year at Gush, Sha'alvim, or HaKotel
someone who comes fromm a nice happy loving family
someone frum from birth, secure in himself and his Jewish observance
someone who has a stable, steady good job that pays well or really well, or has a family with money
someone who has a financial sense about saving money and making money
someone who is capable of connecting serious torah to serious secular studies
someone who learns and makes the time to learn often
someone who is also friendly, nice, smart, gets along with people easily, wants to be active in the community he lives in, generous, sensitive, has an understanding of derekh eretz...
and has a wide breadth of interests in science, literature, cultural things, and outdoors activities...

heh, I said, isn't that a tall order?
and she said, isn't that what every girl wants, but doesn't want to say out loud?

I said, I dunno... I mean I guess you could have added on more things to make that fairly unrealistic as far as finding such a person in real life.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

well, there are other qualities to look for I suppose, i mean... tall, blond, handsome, rugged and yet sensitive... paunch-less, full head of hair... heck, I would go for someone who has those qualities ... oh, and a good singing voice.. yes, a must, a good singing voice.

mardi, septembre 27, 2005 4:16:00 PM  
Anonymous miryam said...

hah. how about a nice guy? just a nice guy... oh, wait, a guy with a kippah, and... sigh. yeah, look, no one is perfect.

mardi, septembre 27, 2005 4:19:00 PM  

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