mardi, juin 07, 2005

this just came to my attention today

first, an interesting entry for Jews and Judaism

second, a message from someone else regarding someone I knew... "It saddens me to announce that Tony Reynolds, who ran the chemistry stockroom, passed away last night. Tony had suffered a major heart attack last Thursday and had been in surgery several times over the weekend. Tony was a tremendous asset to our department: he contributed to the functioning of the department in many ways (sometime invisible to the outside but always valued by us) and had a wonderful, wry sense of humor. He will be missed by all."

It makes me sad, becuae I liked Tony. He was nice. He was nice to me. He had an awesome sense of humor and alwasy greeted people with a wave and a smile. I borrowed tools from him sometimes and he was really good about helping me move things wen my labmates weren't being helpful. He taught me about using forklifts and had a sense of humor about me cartibg off a 700lb laser and power supply on a truck cart all by myself. He was really so so soo kind. Now I'm worried that Gerri will die. Isn't that bananas?

I just want to say.. COULD PEOPLE STOP DROPPING LIKE FLIES, PLEASE!?!?! I would be most grateful if people would postpone their plans for dying until we can space out the deaths a bit more. I would really really really appreciate that.

I really don't like it when people die. I wish I could remmember always to tell people all the time how much they mean to me, before they die.