mercredi, décembre 08, 2004

undercover cats smoking out shady institutions

check out that website...

Posted by timothy on Wednesday December 08, @07:57AM
from the can-they-get-to-university-of-phoenix-soon? dept.
CousinLarry writes "Online 'university' Trinity Southern University (Google cache of disabled site homepage) has been sued by the state of Pennsylvania." Besides spamming, this self-described school has, as another reader points out, "awarded an MBA to a cat owned by an undercover Pennsylvania deputy attorney general." I bet my cat could get a PhD.

it's a funny clip on slashdot about a cat that got a master's degree from an online university. The other comments that people make are pretty funny, too. Go to the website to read more interesting comments. I'm particularly fond of the pleasant things they say about cats, but also of the idea that here's a cat involved in the law-enforcement process.

This cat is getting a Ph.D. heh, heh.
I'm dyslexic. Silly enough, I'm apparently so brilliant that no one ever noticed until I had to do some high motor functioning thing that caused a little blip when I was leaving college. I got an undergraduate A.B. c.l. Cultural Anthropology then I got a M.S. Inorganic/Materials Chemistry. I think somehow I hoodwinked everyone into these degrees, because I don't really think that I know enough to get either degree, nor do I really think I deserved either degree. It goes to show that cats can get fine degrees from fine institutions of higher learning. I suppose perhaps cats are much better at making the world think they're okay even if they don't think or feel they are so okay. After all, we have an image to keep up.