mardi, novembre 30, 2004

Meowmix speaks

I'll announce right off the bat the fact that I don't presume to have anything all worked out and maybe my posts will be stupid and I'll have to go back and fix up the thoughts.

Oftentimes I'll write something down that isn't exactly what I think, but I like the thought or the sound of the words so much I'll follow that train of thought. It's more that I love the ritual rounds my mind might run... kind of like racing greyhounds or whippets.

First off, all the good names are taken, sigh, so I'll apologize, too, that I'm ottersRcats. Ani Chatul, often called Cat, sometimes ottercat, and infrequently a sheva or a meerkatmob, so it's hard to pin me down.

My friend Shoshanah tells me that ottercats are created by Gd to make people smile and to add to the love in the world. She seems to think that ottercats are capable of really impressive things. I'm not sure if one can believe her since she's human.

I like reading. I like thinking. I like to analyze humanity and think about the world and the sea between thinking minds and emotional minds. I love playing games. I like Penrose tilings. I want my bathroom wallpaper to have penrose tilings on it, but don't think this is going to happen, since Sir Roger Penrose sued a company that tried to utilise penrose tilings in bathroom tissue. (A dastardly act considering how he wrote that the world's mathematical knowledge was not to be commercialized in an effort to chide another stingy mathematician.) Beyond that, though, my dream is to wallpaper my future house with pages of notes from my college courses (saved and preserved for such a purpose) or else I figure I will write on my walls in painstaking review all the mathematical theorems and formulas I wish I'd known from childhood. Green's functions and del operators, Lie algebrae and the like, just so my children will have visual familiarity that I never had the luxury of having. I fully intend for this decorative aspect of my walls to include physics and chemistry and biological information as well as the Constitution of the United States, the Israeli Declaration of Independence, and the Amendments to the US Constitution. (I adore the Lie algebra... it's really the only way to do quantum mechanics in that gorgeous beautiful way. Calculus is overrated in QM.)

I adore legal cases for anthropological purposes. One favorite for obvious reasons is Loving v.Virginia, but many others are wonderful, too. I'm hoping some day to have the time to read a history of American law, but am not sure I'll have a chance considering what's already in the queue. I think legalese is a language cats love to play with whether or not they like to pursue it. Don't expect me to be a lawyer anytime soon. People are most important to me. Law is simply a vehicle for understanding people and culture.

Every once in a while I get a little hung up on the increasing size of my haunches. Usually, that passes quickly. I work in a chemistry lab and don't really know what I'm doing. I'm getting used to the fact that there are a few other people who know nothing about what they're doing in chemistry labs though... and it gives me hope that I can be freed someday with a degree for knowing so phenomenally little.

Oh, yeah, I think there's something weird going on with the world. I get hung up a lot on how alpha culture is at odds with real humanity. Alpha culture (alpha like alpha males in a silverback gorilla social group) meaning the dominant society structure that we have.