dimanche, février 12, 2006

keeping the Faith 2000

it's an interesting movie.. an interesting premise certainly rabbi, priest, businesswoman friends from childhood since she rescued them from a playground bully... she has a joie de vivre that is infectious... but somehow has lost some of those priorities that make life worth living. Connected to her cell phone, connected always to her business.. most of which requires her to be a "ballbuster"and pushy, angry yelling at people to deliver, a persona that is all too commonly expected of successful business women. I watched this movie and saw stereotypes and cliches abounding. Don't get me wrong I thought it was funny, but I noticed underneath it all that the movie was about friendships... and perhaps it is that which I find my mind wandering off on today.

I look at people who say they want to marry a best friend. It's tough, because there are too many things people are trying to fill with a relationship. Too much space in the mind and heart that we are filling up with another person or too many things to do that when push comes to shove people are just afraid to find out what is inside.

Well, frankly, I suppose that is called navel gazing and there are many who don't approve of it. I myself don't really know what to say except that sometimes I think the world could care less what any given individual does.