lundi, octobre 10, 2005

nothing calls my heart like a good story

really, nothing calls my heart like Israel... I wish, oh, I wish for some reason tonight that I were in Israel.

I was originally going to write this post about the book _What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street_ because I thought it was such a wonderful and gorgeous book, but somehow instead I can't write about that, but feel instead that somehow a wolf-like howl in my heart. Somethine else is afoot in my soul and I don't know why or how this is the case, but...

Somehow I breathe the air and it's not like I don't appreciate how nice I have it here chutz la'aretz, here I have internet access easily, here I have a decent job, not too many worries or responsibilities... I'm fairly happy here, I think. Truly, if I lived in Israel I'd probably be scraping by and really scraping by... but, somehow my heart wants to see the land again, to touch the soil, to inhale the fragrance of trees and flowers... I am homesick for Israel. tonight.. why? maybe it's that I took out my havdalah candle from Tzfat and smelled the wax, I took the vial tonight of half dirt from Yerushalayim and half sand from the Negev and remembered that in my heart is the Golan and the Galil, and that I belong somehow rooted in the land... i can't bear the idea of leaving here on one hand because i have it easy here --I know how to live here, know how to survive here, know how to get up and go to work here... and I am afraid of not being able to survive in Israel, not being able to make it ther, but some how.. some how... I feel my heart being called by the land. I feel some pull that I can't resist.. I just can't let go of this thought that has been in my mind since Rosh Hashana when I davened with the Israelis ... I miss Israel. I am so homesick ofr Israel. Israel is in my prayers very week motzaei shabbat when I pray for all of the kehillot in Eretz Yisrael and I can't help but feel tears sprinng to my eyes as I worry that I can't figure out how to survive there, but want so despereately to go there... I know my sentimental soul, simply wants to touch and kiss the ground again... All I want is to be back in the land of Israel again... touching its dirt & stones, breathing its air, and singing songs to its trees and just knowing that there is no where else my heart feels so called as Israel. there's this raw hunger in me to be there... and an urgency I do not understand. I just know somehow that for the past few days since rosh hashana, I have felt a very very very deep need to go to Israel and to be there ... I am so silly. I can't explain why or how it is that I feel this way.

l'shana haba birushalayim
all I can say is that I desperately want to be in Israel... right now... I have no idea why.