vendredi, octobre 07, 2005

the gribenes debate

so some of you have heard about my great debate since rosh hashana regarding what i'm going to do about dinner two shabbatot from now... i got invited over rosh hashana to have dinner with one of the coolest Ravs/Gedolim ever on the planet and to have gribenes and i can't decide what to do... because i've always wanted to try gribenes and one really can't say uh, no , i don't want to have dinner with the coolest rav ever on the planet, but my friends Yetispotter is coming back to town and I haven't seen him in a while and I have been looking forward to hanging out with the Yeti. It was a huge quandary as I went back and forth and thought, oh, geez, I've always wanted to try gribenes.. I mean it's in so many of my stories, I always feel a tad guilty giving a dvar torah with gribines in it, becuase I don't know what gribenes tstes like or how it smells... sigh... and so I've always wanted to try it... and of course I got offered the opportunity because it so happens that Mr. Coolest Gadol shlita is also a big fan of gribenes.. one wonders how he has lived to his ripe old age...considering how many people have been telling me I'll die fromthe gribenes ever since I began debating this quandary... anyway, Yetispotter pointed out this entry at Wikipedia to me (I had to go look for myself to see if he was pulling my leg)
one finds this entry under jewish cuisine, under the soups heading, finally one gets to this entry...

"Gribenes, or "scraps," form one of the best liked foods among the Jews of eastern Europe. It is eaten especially on the Feast of Ḥannukah. So much do the Jews share in the belief "that there is no flavor comparable with the tawny and well-watched scraps," that it is often suggested as an inducement to friends to make a visit."

how cool is that?
inducement, indeed!
one Rav, gribenes, an offer that is hard to refuse...
but I still might.
I think cats must like gribenes.

Meet Merman, he's a cream-colored Persian cat, who loves gribenes. So much so that he is willing to employ mice to bring him gribenes in exchange for their lives... ooh that sounds like a dark story, no more of that one!