dimanche, août 14, 2005

Meowmix ranks things

as a normal post isn't possible due to a fast and a secessation of rational thought... thanks to the secessation of a normal amount of food in the body and mind... so I, the cat, am writing.

From Lemony Snicket's "The Wide Window" -

"If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats."

This great quote was sent in by my friend David. Let's put our paws up for David and clap. meowmeow. 5 paws rating

On another not-so-related topic, we saw the documentary/movie "Zerach" about Zerach Warhaftig and his efforts to get the Jews of Lithuania out before the Nazis invaded. It was excellent and 7000 Jews owe their lives to him... notably the Mir and Telz yeshiva bachurim who were able to get out via his work and planning. It was amazing to watch and learn about. Well worth your time. 4 paws rating

A great place to get chocolate dipped orange peel if you like such things without the bitter aftertaste, if you like biscotti --amazing biscotti, and if you like random cookies and chocolates... she's hoping to get pareve milk chocolate.. can't wait to try that. she'll fedex you anything you want... for a feww of course, but it's worth it.
4.5 paws rating.
*** recent food ratings:
corn soup with frozen pack of beans, corn, peppers add salt and pepper. 3 paws
(imagine brand) butternut squash soup add salt. 2.8 paws.
sauteed golden zucchini with salt, maybe add baby portabella mushrooms, add salt. 4 paws.
sauteed zuchinni with tomatoes and eggs and onions, add salt. 3.5 paws.
tofu and baby bok choy. add salt. 3.25 paws.
baby bok choy, alt or salt and ginger. 3.25 paws.
mushrooms and tofu. sweet auce, hot pepper sauce, or soy sauce. 3.5 paws.
herb mixed into baby greens salad, served with orange and yellow bell peppers and sliced almonds. 4 paws.
rice congee with onion soup stock. 3 paws.
rice congee? cooked with onions, cooked with tomatoes and eggs, or else cooked with garlic and/or with napa cabbage. 3 paws.
plain cut up orange and yellow bell peppers. 3.5 paws.
chicken of the sea sells their tuna salad packs online through amazon and are o-u kosher and very worthwhile to take on travelling trips. meowmeow. 3 paws rating.
Lastly, there is an excellent story about the Ethiopian Jews and their discovery of the destruction of the Temple. I haven't the paw strength now to type it up (Cat paws are not known for their ability to fly over typing keys.) so I'll either have to tell it later or else you should goole the story online and find it... it's amazing. 5 paws rating.

okay, ciao,
cat going offline, toodloo.