mardi, juillet 12, 2005

mah rabbu ma'asecha Hashem

I spent the past three days miserable from a migraine headache. (I'm going to have to do something about the low-stress thing...) Everytime I moved I threw up or was nauseous. I couldn't see, because I had these spots in my eyes that I couldn't focus or see what was there. The pain around my skull as like this tremendous pressure. It hurt in an unbearable manner. Today, when I woke up without that pain for the first time in three days, I truly thought, wow, I am so grateful. I walked out and about and really praised Hashem for all the sights I saw -- the ability to move without nausea, to see clearly, to adore the trees... There is nothing so precious as being able to take one foot, put it down next to the other, to stand, to walk, to go about freely... to see, to speak, to write, to simply be. We are blessed indeed...

Being cheerful and aware of the other things in the world is really important for maintaining perspective and I for one am grateful.

I think Hanich Teller would say that R'Binyamin Steinberg z"l would say...
Today, what does G-d want of me?


Anonymous Anonyme said...

I read your profile (12sufferngrow)on frumster and emailed you there, but since you're not able to view my email there, I thought I'd send it to you via your blog site, hope it's ok. I enjoyed your posting and your blog site, Your background obviously is unique and I'm sure it has enhanced your personality.

Like you, I believe I am unique, was born orthodox in NY, but that's where the cookie cutter image ends. I work as a PA (Physician Assistant) in Transplant Medicine, (mostly livers and kidneys, with a pancreas thrown in here and there to make it interesting) A PA in case you didn't know does mostly everything an MD does, we examine, diagnose and prescribe.

I started off life on the path the brooklyn community wanted me to follow but then struck out on my own. I have made Aliya, twice, and I am a passionate defender of converging torah and science. I see no contradiction between the two, only complementary thought.

I am an amateur paleontologist, and am going this August to Montana on a dinosaur dig, hope I find a T Rex :). I enjoy nature, hiking any outdoor activity when it's warm (80's and above, I definitely don't belong in the northeast) , and yes I love discussing my ideas and being a "thinking" man. I would like to share the same with my spouse. I enjoy torah, although I am not to be honest a gemara fan (something to do with never having a good rebbi), I can get with it when I go to a shuir, and learning with my wife both jewish and secular is something I find appealing.

I'd enjoy hearing from you, and feel free to ask away anything you'd like to know. My email's: and my Frumster posting is:David ID#345

Have a good day, hope to hear from you,

mardi, juillet 26, 2005 8:22:00 PM  
Blogger Meowmix Chatul said...

welcome, baruch haba...
so you found me, nice! Thanks, I'll email you separately. I love getting comments on my site.

mardi, août 09, 2005 5:57:00 PM  

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