mardi, juin 21, 2005

concreete from recylcables and other ideas I've been mulling over for a year or so but never got anywhere with

I've been thinking for a while of studying the structure of concrete and finding a way to incorporate ground up bits and pieces of currently-non-recyclable plastics e.g. old printers, etc. into concrete and using it for low stresss applications like sidewalks, etc.
say add in corn husks, for fibers.. and add in other strong cellular strand type materials which would normally be consdiered waste and bascially making building materials out of waste is the idea i have...
I wish I knew how to implement this idea and run with it.

I also think that designing multi-bin trashcans to encourage recycling would also be helpful.

I have no idea where to go to manufacture these things, but I'll bet that it would be useful to work on this kind of hting.

I additionally think that we should start "playing/trading card trends" wherein we make trading cards --build and produce hype to get people to be involved in buying and trading --but that we put for the frum crowds famous rabbanim on them or for the non-religious Jew crowd, we could put important thinkers of our world on them... i have to refine this idea more, but i really bet it could be works out.

meow, if all else fails, I still want to go to law school for that LLM. sigh, meowmeow.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

There already are multi-bin trashcans; they don't work very well, people generally just chuck stuff in whatever hole they want. Similarly, I think there already ARE 'famous rabbi' trading cards. I think.


dimanche, août 07, 2005 2:26:00 PM  

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